ISGuard (Innovative SMART Guard)

This ID system utilizes RFID technology to secure access to a building or office and generate timekeeping or access logs. Designed to be versatile, it has a wide range of applications. For example, schools can use a feature that allows SMS notifications to be sent to parents and guardians which will help safeguard students.

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Online Booking with Room Management System

A custom-made website for the hotel or resort is created coupled with an online booking module from which guests can book rooms directly. This is integrated with the online booking module to show booking requests in real time. Rooms can also be reserved, occupied or closed for maintenance using this system. Occupancy and reservation reports can be generated as needed.


Hotel Room Mangement

Vetlify (Veterinary Clinic Management System)

This system is created to store client/patient records for easy retrieval; manage appointments and generate billing estimates and statements. It also monitors clinic statistics and provides reports on demand.

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Ventta (Sales Monitoring System)

This system is designed to handle the sale of any product. It can be set up to work with most stores no matter the size, product or customer. Sales reports can be generated with one click.

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Digital Signage

This provides a localized advertisement portal for a business office or store. A smart TV is used to show the page containing a combination of videos, images and texts. The system is flexible that the user can add and arrange the videos, pictures and text in a variety of ways to his/her satisfaction.


Digital Signage

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