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Recent Works

Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)

In keeping with PETA’s out-of-the-box productions, we gave them a website filled with creativity, color and life. The website features current shows and workshops; and using CMS, PETA personnel can update their content on their own.

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Tomas Del Rosario College

This school is an institution not only in Balanga City but also in Bataan. The website showcases their courses and programs. It also aims to give a picture of the school itself.

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Pan Resort

Pan Resort

The website for this resort is designed simply and elegantly in line with the resort’s aesthetics. It features on-going and future events, as well as showcases it rooms and amenities.

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Subic Waterfront Resort

The resort features the biggest pool in Olongapo while the website shows off the resort’s rooms and amenities.

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Web App

Pizarro Clinic System

This simple inventory and sales monitoring app was the earliest project of the group. It is easy to use and is still useful up to now.

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Website & CMS

Jean Dara

This personal site of Jean Dara contains a gallery and even a mini online store that is managed using CMS.

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Restaurant POS

This POS includes an ordering module that sends orders straight to the cashier and the kitchen. It aims towards minimizing paper. It also consolidates sales reports easily and allows access anywhere and anytime since it is online.

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Our current projects

Vet App

Veterinary Clinic Management System

This system is created to store client/patient records for easy retrieval; manage appointments and generate billing estimates and statements. It also monitors clinic statistics and provides reports on demand.

Inventory App

Inventory Management System

This system monitors delivery from suppliers and release or sales of supplies. This also allows setting a quantity threshold for replenishment and reports regarding quantity and stock movement can be generated instantly.


Human Resources Information System

This HRIS can handle recruitment of new personnel and the creation and update of 201 files. It can also record the entry and exit time logs and then compute the corresponding pay of the employees. Reports about newly hired employees, as well as other reports, can be generated as necessary.


General Point-of-Sales (POS) System

This system is designed to handle the sale of any product. It can be set up to work with most stores no matter the size, product or customer. Sales reports can be generated with one click.

ID App

Digital ID System

This ID system utilizes RFID technology to secure access to a building or office and generate timekeeping or access logs. Designed to be versatile, it has a wide range of applications. For example, schools can use a feature that allows SMS notifications to be sent to parents and guardians which will help safeguard students.