Who we are Our team, and the reason we do what we do.

About us

BIZWEX (Business Web Experts) is a collective of individuals with complementary skill sets who met through various ways and decided to stick together to pursue a shared goal. We believe that we can provide businesses and organizations with online computer-based systems that will increase efficiency and productivity and reduce cost and effort. While our production office is in Bataan, by utilizing the internet, we can share our skills and provide service everywhere.

Bizwex was conceived with the veterinary clinic management project. And with saying yes to that opportunity, things fell into place, Bizwex was formed. Bizwex is not just a tech company looking to compete in today’s market; it is a family committed to growing and succeeding together and to helping others compete and thrive.

Bizwex Team


We continually strive towards more knowledge and skills in developing digital business innovations.

To assist businesses in improving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction by providing digital system innovations.


To be an ISO certified pioneer of digital breakthroughs for businesses globally.